2017 Assin North municipal chief (best) farmer, Mr. Joseph Andam, popularly known as Mr. Ogyaba has started it emphatically that, he is very disappointed in the government for its refusal to increase the Cocoa producer price to at least 500.00 ghana cedis per bag.

According to him, the fertilizers and othe agrochemicals they use in the production of the Cocoa have being increasing almost every three months but the buying price of the Cocoa from the farmers have been remained the same more than two years.

He said, the government has disappointed and show no respect to Ghanaian farmers, especially those living in the the rural areas.

Speaking with the media, Mr. Ogyaba stressed that, if the government will continue to treat farmers like this then, he will quit farming and go back to the city to find another project to engage himself in than to waist his precious time in the farming activities without any profit.

He finally stated that, the award he gain last year as a municipal chief farmer was not encouraging, and looking at the things he received as a chief farmer, there is no way such things will motivate someone to enter into farming activities.

Source: mark sandow

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