A 65-year old security man in the Ashanti Bekwai Municipal in the Ashanti region, Osman Moro, has lamented bitterly over the abandoned hospital project which was commenced under the regime of late President Atta Mills to serve mass people in the Ashanti Bekwai Municipal as well as Ghanaians.

In an exclusive interview with Alpha Radio reporter Abdul Basit Ouedraogo, the security man, confirmed that, a number of representative from government have visited the area several times and yet, no effort have been made to complete the hospital to deliver proper health care service to the people.

Furtherance, the abandoned hospital project in the bush had paved way for weed smokers.

“It has been under the mercies of God that am not sometime harmed by these gangs,” he said.

He added that the late President Evans Atta Mills contributed massively to complete the project and not be left unattended to, to leave the dream of the late president in vain.

He appealed to President Akufo-Addo to turn attention to the project and make it a reality.

“I plead with Nana Addo to come to the rescue of the facility. Its been abandoned for a long time. This facility has been in the bush all this while.

Meanwhile we go outside and borrow money for development. What benefit are we deriving from the project if it is left in the bush to rot while we keep borrowing,” he retorted.

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