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Eastern Region: Bad road network connecting Boadua, Adankrono, Kade, Subi, Pramkese, Twumwusu, Takyiman, and Banso. Takyiman, Kwamang to Abomosu. Akyem Akropong to Kyebi-Dompem road are not in good shape.

Drivers and passengers travelling on these roads have encountered difficulties in various ways.

Our research has proven that since, 1992 NPP has always won the majority of parliamentary seats in the Region. They can recall that during the tenure of His Excellency President Agyekum Kuffour, there was massive road rehabilitation in the region.

After his 8 Years in government, Former President Atta Mills (NDC) assumed power and NDC messed up with Eastern Region claiming they have completed the Eastern Corridor road from Asamankese through Akwatia to Kade but it was just an Ananse story. Théo wish to state categorically that the NDC cannot claim credit for the findings below:

ADANKRONO/KADE TOLL BOOT AND THE BIRIM BRIDGE were never reconstructed or rehabilitated. Instead it was a death trap for drivers to easily drive into the BIRIM RIVER.

That our Team should inform out party leadership especially the MPs, DCEs and the MCEs in that area to lobby for them so that the roads and bridges can serve a good purpose.

That due to the bad roads, drivers don’t want to drive after 6pm, drivers in that various towns always increase the transportation and overload their vehicles to gain more profit to fix their vehicles.

That passengers sometimes take motor cycles instead, because they find it very difficult to get a car to their homes.

That, they don’t want NPP to loose vote in Eastern Region especially Asamankese to Takyiman, including the other small towns and village in the Eastern region. For example, the way Volta Region lost hope in NDC during 2016 general electricians.

_*Inspired Patriots* are very dedicated and Seriously doing our best to bring to the lime light for the NPP to count some of the good things that will increase voter support during elections._


(Alhaji Gomez)

(Casey Oquaye)
Executive secretary

(Augustus Asante)

(Morgan Owusu Afriyie)
Research Director

(Kweku Aubunn)
Human Resources

*Inspired Patriots*®

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