Odikro of Fetteh Kakraba in the Central Region; Nana Essel Amankwah Addo has urged  the government to provide more social amenities for the community.

Nana Essel stated some amenities needed by them which includes school buildings ,  toilet facility hospitals and police station for the community.

In an interview with the spokes man for the chief Essel Kojo stated that the school in the community is just one and school children are really  suffering from such  problem.
He elaborate on the issue of lack of hospital in the community. Before one can attend to the hospital they need to travel all the way to Camp or Breku town for treatment.

Most important issue is the pregnant women and the aged parents.                

 In an interview, they disclosed that they need the government to help them.  The situation at hand is becoming worse in the community.

Again there is a police post in the community but there are no security personnel’s over there ,also they are setting neighbour communities which lack electricity,  water, bad road etc. They plead on the government  to come and help them in the community.

In conclusion he stated that there is  a river in the town that has no bridge so if it rains the people finds it difficult to cross the river ,so the Odikro Nana Essel Amankwah Addo has prepared to give a land out about 50 acheres  for the government to build and develop the community for them .

Story by : mark sandow

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