The Gas explosion incident which occured yesterday at krofrom between the hours of 7:50am GMT has been a night mare to the residents who stayed around the area. Some residents who stayed around the area has been crying out to the Authorities who stayed asleep for the Gas filling station to operates in the locality.

According to them The Ashanti regional Director for the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) Hon Kwabena Nsenkyire has blemed the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly for the latest gas explosion which distroyed some properties and also injured four peoples severely. The residents emphatically expressed their concern to us that when it comes to protection of lives our leaders whom we gave them the power to stear the affairs for us takes us for granted and rather thinks about their own selfish interest.

Moreover the people state emphatically to us that the Gas filling station will not be allowed to operates in the locality again they told the media.

Again the Government who is to blame the Metropolitant, Municipal and the District Assemblies ( MMDA’s ). June 3rd and the Atomic Junction Explosions which claims thousands of lives should be a lesson to the country but the Authorities has made their mind not to but rather selfish interest is what they seek. Our President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo made us understand that we should be Citizens not a Spectator which the residents don’t see our leaders who made that statement acting like a Citizens but rather they are all Spectators.

Speaking with them their major concern is the comprehensive reports which has been sent to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly ( KMA ), The Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) and The National Petroleum Authority ( NPA ) has no effect till now. But now that the damage has been made words upon words and promises upon promises is what Authorities are telling them. Why should we allowed an innocent peoples loose their lives before we act as a human being is a question they asked us ?

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