Teachers of Twifo Cannan D/A basic school near Twifo Praso in
the Twifo Atti –Morkwa District of the Central Region are charging their fifteen ( 15) final year students an amount of 500 cedis each before writing the BECE exams, information available to the media indicates that, the 500. oo is divided as follows:

NB: This is as written by the school authority.

Extra classes fee 200.oo ( for three months)
T &T 30. oo
Feeding fee 70.oo( yet to decide)
Centre fee 30.oo
T shirt 30.oo
Picture Taring 15. oo
Teacher’s fee 18. oo
PTA Dues 15. oo

District mock 10.oo (two papers)
School mock 40.oo ( four papers)

Total 500. oo. ( This is per the calculation of the school’s authority)

Therefore, 500. oo x 15= 7,500.oo (ie) seven thousand five hundred cedis new currency
which a parent’s failure to pay results to ward’s inability to sit peacefully in class to learn.

Speaking to the ( Oman Abusuapanyin) of the community Nana Kwaw Johnson, he disclosed to the media that the District Assembly has failed their community as in providing them with more teachers with bungalow so they are compelled to hiring some community teachers hence the teacher’s fee.

That, the community solicit for funds during PTA meetings to be given to the teachers to cater for other needs of their wards during the BECE exams and for the classes fee, he knew the final year students are suppose to pay 10. oo monthly not 200.oo.

Interacting with the headmaster of the school he said, the District Education Directorate is aware so he has nothing to discuss with the media.

Meanwhile, the public relation officer (P.R.O) for the Education Directorate, Mr Richard Mensah has debunked the allegations of the Directorate’s involvement in any fees taken illegally from final year students of Canaan D/A basic school so they are conducting investigation into the allegations.

Finally, the minister in charge of education, Hon. Matthew Opoku Prempeh ( Napo) has directed the investigator to send the allegations to the director general of education, prof. Kwasi Poku Amankwa for action to be taken.

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