The District Chief Executive for Central Gonja District in the northern region, Hon Mustapha Mahama, yesterday handed over a fully equipped Community based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound to the Chiefs and people of Digma and the Ghana Health service.

The facility is expected to serve the people of Digma and nearby communities such as Nyantan, Dabopei, Tinga Dabopei, Busia Kura, Achampong Kura, and Mampruga kura

In a short ceremony attended by Officials of the USAID Systems of Health, and District Health Directorate as well as the Chiefs and people of Digma Hon. Mustapha admonished the people to “own the facility”. He said the people of Digma have always craved for a health facility so they should ensure that they make good use of the facility.

The DCE thanked the Government and people of United States for investing in the people of central Gonja especially in the Area of Health, “USAID Systems of Health has so far helped in renovating the Tulewe and Boakyepei CHPS compounds and now this magnificent Fully equipped and furnished Digma CHPS compound”

Hon. Mustapha also said that the Government of Ghana and its Development partners are committed to solving the health needs of the people, he mentioned the renovation of the Chama CHPS and Nurses Accommodation and the construction of CHPS at Torsinapei and Kigbeipei as well as the Renovation of the Sankpala Health Center are some of the measures put in place to solve the primary Health care needs of the people of Central Gonja.

Hon. Mustapha further stated that the Contractor working on the Kusawgu Tulewe Road will soon come back to site to continue the road, Tulewe – Adapei Reshaping and Spot Improvement is on going whiles Mpaha- Tamaklang road has been completed, “ we are in talks with Feeder Road to Consider the Digma road as well.”

The DCE said Free SHS, planting for food and Jobs, 1V1D which is currently being implemented in 10 communities in the District are a plus to the government in ameliorating the suffering and improving of the living standards of the people.
Hon. Mustapha Mahama also donated an Alloba(Kombian) motor bike to the facility.

Mr. Ane Adandiwo, Project Coordinator of USAID Systems of Health, said the facility was a gift from the government and people of USA to the people of Digma through the Government of Ghana to delivering accessible and quality Basic primary Health Needs of the people of Ghana. We have 15 of this kind of facility in Northern Region.
Mr. Adandiwo said 30% of Childhood deaths were as a result of malaria and urge the people of Digma and its environs to report early to the facility for testing and treatment and avoid self medication.
He thanked the DCE for Central Gonja for his personal interest in the project. “ let me thank Hon. Mustapha for his personal interest in the project, I have collaborated with other DCEs but he is exceptional, His early morning calls to me to ask for modification and more projects for his people is mouth watering”
He also touched on maintenance culture. He appealed to the people of Digma to help maintain the facility for the benefit of future generations.

Mr. Dubik Daniel Dindiok the District Director of Health Services who also doubles as the Regional Coordinator for CHPS outlined the role of the CHPS, community Volunteers, community Health Management Committee in the health care delivery processes.
He urge the people of Digma to help integrate the health personnel posted to man the facility into the community and not over demand from them since their role to give primary Basic health care as in prevention through Health promotion, vaccination, ANC services, Home visits and OPD services, cases that are beyond them will be referred to other Health Centres

The Chief of Digma, Digmawura Francis Ewuntomah Kanamu, thanked systems of Heath and asked other Non Governmental Agencies to emulate the example of USAID Systems for Health in providing the Basic needs of the people.
He recounted how the people of Digma travelled long kilometre to Kusawgu, Sankpala and Tamale to access Health care and also the reliance of Drug peddlers and self medication for their health needs, this he said is now a thing of the past.

The facility which comprise Maternity, Recovery, Treatment, Family planning , Consulting Room, Cold Chain, storage area, waiting area as well 2 fully furnished Bed room apartment. The facility is fully furnished and equipped with the necessary medical apparatus such as Neonatal resuscitation keit, Baby and Adult weighing scales, Examination couch, Trolleys, Hospital bed, Delivery bed, umbilical clamps, vaginal speculum, vacuum extractor, whell chair and many others by the USAID Systems of Health, is expected to begin full operations serving the primary health needs of residents.

The facility also has a full installed Solar system, water harvesting system, mechanised Borehole and an incinerator.

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