A Senior medical practitioner who doubles as the CEO of Diamond Herbal Clinic has caution the General public on the effects of heavy school bags and footwears on our children.

According to the CEO of Diamond Herbal Clinic, Dr Bryan M. Bonsu,
In the long term they may develop imbalances in the postural alignment, which can affect the health of the nervous system. When the alignment of the spine is imbalanced the communication between the brain and the body is negatively affected.

Proper alignment and movement of the spine is absolutely essential to brain health.

Impulses created by spinal movement charge the brain like a battery.

This is why people fell energized after exercise and tired after sitting all day.

If the spine becomes stiff or misaligned the brain will become deficient in the essential impulses resulting in lowered brain and body performance.

He argues that carrying overweight bags in poorly designed school bags and in the most harmful way—especially over one shoulder, could be more destructive.

Dr. Bonsu therefore called on parents, schools and the entire public to adopt the regulation of some European countries which allows school children to carry bags that weigh 10 per cent of their body mass.

“The bags shouldn’t weigh more than 10 per cent of the child child’s weight and must be worn over both shoulders,” he said.
The doctor’s suggestion then means the bag of a child who weighs 50kg should be 5kg and no more.

Other health complications

Dr Bonsu explains that by carrying heavy school bags, children develop a forward-head posture as they are hinging forward at   the hips to compensate for the heavy weight on their back.

He added that, children might not show symptoms or experience pain straight away; in the long term, they are developing imbalances in the body which can affect the health of the nervous system.

He advised parents to ensure that their kids have high quality back packs, with shoulder pads that are carried on both shoulders and not just one.

He also commended the Government for introducing electronic gadgets such as tablets and Laptops that are being used in schools.

The doctor said, “These electronic gadgets make the students to think beyond their books and explore the learning skills as much as they can.”

Dr Bonsu further commended the Ghana Education Service (GES) for reducing the primary and J.H.S syllabus to compliment for a more effective teaching and learning process

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