In Ghana Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies are partners to the central government in the national development agenda.

Assembly man in Daboya in the North Gonja District in the northern region yesterday received motorbike each.

As partners, they are required to generate enough Internally Generated Funds to enable them carry out developmental projects.

The revenue generated internally is used to support the statutory District Assembly Common Fund to provide Infrastructural and Social Services to the people. The local government Act 462 of 1993 authorises and empowers the District Assemblies to mobilize revenue in the form of rates, fees, fines, licences and rent among others.

In the North Gonja District Assembly, not only did inadequate data on revenue sources, lack of enforcement of revenue mobilization bye laws and inadequate skilled revenue collectors hindered the assembly from raking inn the needed revenue resources but also lack of means of Transport for Assembly Members to undertake supervisory and monitoring roles to enhance revenue mobilization.

Attendance to General Assembly and Committee meetings are sometimes affected as a result of the absence of means of transport.

Yesterday 04 / 01 / 2019, Hon Adam Eliasu Red Bawa (DCE for North Gonja) on behalf of the government presented Motor Bikes to each Assembly Member both elected and appointed.

In a very short and simple handing over ceremony, Hon Red Bawa acknowledged the efforts of central government in equipping local assemblies in the discharge of their duties especially in a rural District like North Gonja whereby Motor bikes are one of the effective means of transport. He was hopeful that with the delivery of this bikes, members will work efficiently to improve on the assemblies revenue short falls.

The DCE revealed that, there are ongoing discussions at leadership level to give Assembly members the opportunity to pursue social and developmental issues in their electoral areas by the release of District Assembly Common Fund Component for them.

The Presiding Member for North Gonja, Hon Alhassan Amin on behalf of an excited and smiling members thanked Hon Red Bawa for his role in making sure North Gonja receives their share of the cake.

He added his voice to the need for proper use of the bikes in the discharge of duties.

God Bless North Gonja And Make Us Great And Strong.

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