Mr Abu Kamara whose name is at the centre of a controversy over who becomes the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Manager for the West Gonja District of Northern Region has said his letter of employment did not say he is the Manager of the NHIS for the West Gonja District.

Mr Abu Kamara told Bole based Nkilgi Fm that he has been appointed as the Accountant of the West Gonja District NHIS and was surprised those threatening to embark on a demonstration did not do their background checks to know his position.

It was widely reported Mr Abu Kamara has been employed to fill that vacancy of NHIS in West Gonja resulting in a controversy.

Mr Abu Kamara told Nkilgi Fm and he said he has been appointed as an Accountant for West Gonja National Health Insurance Scheme but not Manager.

Mr Kamara explained to Nkilgi FM that his appointment is not political and that both the Deputy Chief of Staff Abu Jinapor and the NPP parliamentary candidate for Damongo Constituency in the 2012 election Mr Albert Diwura are not aware of his appointment as some are saying.

He called on those who were also planning a counter demonstration in support of him to remain calm.

Yesterday Nkilgi FM did a story that a former Northern Regional Chairman aspirant of the ruling NPP, Prince Gbanso Busunu was on Saturday arrested by a combined team of Police and military for attempting to lead a demonstration.

Prince Gbanso was arrested after information had gone viral that he was leading a demonstration against his party leadership for denying a party executive an appointment and giving it to an outsider from a different constituency.

According to Prince Gbanso, the Manager of NHIS for West Gonja, Mr John Kipo Kara is due for retirement this year and a vacancy is therefore created in that office.

Prince Gbanso and other NPP got information that one Mr Abu Kamara has been employed to fill that vacancy which was initially earmarked for Mr Inusah Sumani, a constituency executive in the Damongo constituency.

Gbanso said this was not the first time the party is bringing an outsider to fill a vacant position in the Damongo constituency citing MASLOC and NABCO as examples that saw unknown persons now in those positions hence their intended action.

Prince Gbanso was later rounded up by police and military men numbering up to 30 at “Seven Seven junction” in Damongo.

He has since been granted bail and discharged after interrogation with his statement taken.


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