As part of plans to reduce climate change in the country, the Chief Executive of Institute of Green Growth Solution(IGGS), Mr. Eric Twum, has announced a few practical ways to combat the menace.

The most efficient way to reduce climate change he says,  is to plant more trees and at the right places.

This according to him, will take out excess carbon from the atmosphere.

Mr. Twum said, “Young trees absorb carbon dioxide quickly while they are growing, but as a tree ages a steady state is eventually reached, and at this point the amount of carbon absorbed through photosynthesis is similar to that lost through respiration and decay.”

He continued: “If trees are harvested carefully near this time in the growth cycle, and new trees are planted or allowed to regenerate, then this can keep the forest as a net “sink” of carbon.

Mr. Eric Twum stated that, there are many benefits from practising afforestation adding that, Ghanaians must be involved in tree planting.

He also urged Ghanaians to practise irrigation, thus building more dams in the farming communities.

This he said would in a long turn, help control the erratic climate changes that the country has seen in recent times.

Mr. Twum further commended  the government for the implementation of One Village, One Dam.

Story by: Yaw Boadi

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