On Friday 8th March 2019, the Northern Friends Of Education And Development (Norfred) team travelled to Tali in the Tolon District in the Nothern Region for their “Clothe The Child’-initiative. A total of about 800 packages of a variety of items including clothes, bags and foot wear were distributed to students in the primary and Junior High School.

Visit to Tali community

The visit to Tali was the third edition of this concept. The warm reception of the kids and other stakeholders’ was emotionally unquantifiable, says the director of Norfred, Mr. Mohammed Awal. Poverty and lack of decent clothes greatly affect pupils going to school. Without good cloths the parents and children might feel ashamed to attend school, which might be a risk for school dropout. The school authority, the community, teachers and parents said to be happy and appreciative for these clothes from Norfred. Through Norfred, they placed a passionate appeal to the government and NGOs to come to the aid of the community.

Clothes and education

Seeing children and their parents wear torn and tattered clothes is heartbreaking and dehumanising. It is for this reason, Norfred came out with this initiative. The “Clothe the Child” concept is an eight-year-old initiative. It is one method Norfred uses to encourage children to have the interest of going to school. The doors of Norfred are opened to any body who wish to help or partner Norfred in this regard.

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