Living in Tamale for one and a half years I came to realise that people here do not appreciate art and that ‘artists’ are usually doing the work of sign writing and/ or wall painting. Wanting to see the change because I come from an art background, I got myself involved as a volunteer at a new art space opening in town, the Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art, by spreading the news and getting the locals to come to the exhibition space so that they can begin to appreciate art. World renowned artist Ibrahim Mahama, who is from Tamale, took up the initiative to open this space because he felt the need to give something to the community by adding a recreational art space for both locals and tourists alike.

Tamale, the capital of the rural northern region of Ghana, sees a lot of poverty and due to the daily financial struggles, most people do not have the time or means to travel to other places in Ghana, which have art spaces and host regular exhibitions.

Tamale now has an art centre where locals can visit as a recreational space and from the various retrospective art exhibitions, they will hopefully learn about art and hopefully appreciate art and what goes behind the work of an artist. This would also act as a means of getting visitors from throughout Ghana to visit Tamale, adding more business for the people of Tamale. Should you like to visit the Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art in Tamale (close to SSNIT junction and next door to St John of the Cross school), or to cover the new space and exhibitions on your news portal, please contact the following numbers +233 24 285 8977  +233 26 839 2037  +233 50 136 1787 or emails  [email protected]  and [email protected]

My name is Christine Xuereb Seidu (1980, Malta) from Tamale, and I’m living as a full time artist and since I have a background in running my own art gallery, I am offering my time to get the press to cover the news of the new art space- the Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art- as well as the exhibitions it’ll show. It’s important to write and share this story because we need as many people as possible to know about the space, sharing the news about the new space and visiting the space.

Poster by: Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art

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