In every community social amenities like roads, water, schools, hospitals etc. are very important for community development. Many local communities in Ghana are lacking these. Residents of Kwajofor, a community close to Chinderi in the district capital of Krachi Nchumburu district in the new created Oti region, are suffering from lack of such social amenities. 


According to the residents, the road linking from their community to the district capital is in a poor condition which is affecting, farmers, school children and the community at large. They said during the raining season, the farmers, school children, and the community cannot come to the district capital due to the poor nature of the road. The road which was constructed in the 1980s has not seen any maintenance work up to date which is affecting the community. The assemblyman for the area, Hon Nakoba Nakpana said he has informed the district assemble about the poor nature of their road and has not got any meaningful result.  He said they are five rivers on the road which cannot help the students to go to school during the raining season. Nakpana said in the dry season the students go to school. He said when it started raining the students stop school. Nakpana discloses that some of the students coming from that community can become president, MP, and DCE in the future. He questions the government, stakeholders and the district assemble to come to their aid by constructing their road.



One of the women from the local community, Madam Mohammed Afia, said their community does not have a school building which is affecting their children for walking a long mile to the district capital to attend school. She said in the raining season their children sit in the house for the whole season due to the poor nature of the road. Madam Afia reveals that it is affecting their offspring future.


Madam Afia also explained that their community does not have any hospital which is affecting the people in the area. She said pregnant women cannot be transported from their community to the district hospital and said it frequently brings loss of children and the death of some women in the area. She called on the government, stakeholders and the district assemble to come to their aid by building a hospital for them.


Food is life: without food, human beings cannot live. A farmer from the community, Mr. Yaw Jakia, said their farm products cannot be sent to the market to sell due to the poor road network. He said their farm goods normally go waste due to no access to good roads. Mr. Yaw said if the road is constructed it will help them to send their farm product to the market to sell to people who cannot farm to also get food to eat.

The whole community of Kwajofor is calling on the government, individuals, NGOs to come and support them.

Pictures by Mark Sandow

This story was written by Mark Sandow, community development journalist from Krachi Nchumburu district in the Oti region. The reason for publishing this story is to let people know how people, farmers and school children in Kwajofor are suffering. They need help. Since this is a blog for local news and community development in the rural area of Ghana, it fits the scope of communitywatchdoggh.com.

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