Men fetching water from pond near Tamale

Currently, the people of Tamale and it’s surrounding areas are in dire need of water. For months now the Ghana water company has failed to pump water through the pipes in most areas. The situation is making life unbearable.

Students I must say are the worse affected. For example, on St Charles Senior high school and Presec Senior High School in the Bamvim community, where I teach, students I have interviewed confessed that they get tired each time they go for water. They travel far in search of water. They also complained of the unhygienic water that they fetch from dams and are making a passionate appeal to government to provide them with water facilities in their schools and communities.

Yearly water shortage

Water shortage in Tamale is not a new thing. It has become a yearly ritual! Most households now depend on water from dams, where animals drink from and human activities such as washing pollute the water. But because the people have no option or other safe and cheap ways of getting water, they opt for this water from dams. A quick look around and you would see school children, women, men, water service tankers, all in search of water. It is a really sad experience!

Hampered water supply

The information I sourced from Ghana water company suggest that sand winning and the frequent power cuts are major causes in their inability to supply their clients with water.

Appeal for help

The situation I must say is worrying and requires a pragmatic approach to end this water shortage menace. I suggest to the government, NGOs and individuals to construct community boreholes and expand and Manchanise existing dams. As a victim of the current water shortage in Tamale, I make this urgent appeal and call to our political, socially and religious leaders to approach the issue of water shortage in the Northern communities of the Tamale region seriously.

Guest blog and pictures by citizen Peter Atesiuk. The reason for publishing this story is to help create awareness of water problems in the Tamale area. Since this is a website for local news and community development in the rural areas of Ghana, it fits the scope of communitywatchdoggh.com. Water shortage is an important issue in remote communities. Want to share your local story in a guest blog as well? Please contact us.

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