On Friday 21st June, 2019 Nagap Empowerment Foundation with the vision to bring a positive transformation in the economic, emotional, social and educational lives of individuals especially women and children at Oduman a community in the Ga-West Municipality in the Greater Accra region has organized a quiz competition called NEF KIDDIEQUIZ competition among schools in the community.

the two schools students in the quiz competition

Schools participating in quiz competition

The quiz was supposed to be organised among 6 schools but 2 show up and 4 refuse to make it. The 2 schools which show up were, Vefos Academy and Delard Legacy Academy and Tower of Excellence Academy, Genuine international school, Mercy Seat Academy and Mighty Home School Complex were the 4 school which unfortunately did not show up on the day of competition.

According to the school that did not show up, their candidate did not come to school that make them not ready to participants in the competition.

Each school presented two contestants to represent their school. The quiz was organized for the Junior high school students in the Oduman community. The subject area that was tackled are Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and current affairs.

At the end of the quiz competition, Vefos Academy emerged as the winner and Delard Legacy Academy took the second position. Those schools were awarded with educational materials and certificates for managing to get that positions. This materials was to motivate them to learn very hard in school and at home to become somebody in future.

contestants for the schools

Main purpose for quiz

The quiz competition was organized with the aim of strengthening the educational system to unleash the potentials of the youth and create a hub of young scholars, in order to promote academic excellence in the area and Ghana as a whole.

the foundation logo

Remark by head teacher and Executive Director of Nagap Empowerment Foundation

The head teacher of Delard Legacy Academy Mr. Lawson said he would be happy if more of such educational programs are held in the area to help improve the students performance. According to him he believes such programs will help the students academically and he will always be available to help support such programs when called upon.

Executive Director of NEF, Mr. Nana Amo-Koree said their organization vision is to bring positive transformation in the economic, emotional, social and educational lives of individuals especially women and children in Ghana and beyond and a mission of promoting education and training, advocacy, create awareness, and empower individuals with much focus on women and children through capacity building, research and mentoring, community development and provide them with the basic skills to aid them in their livelihood.

He added that 2020 edition of the NEF KIDDIEQUIZ Competition will come on and call on more schools to show up to participates.


Partners of program

The partnering agency for the program was Goldablue Educational Consult, Headed by Mr. Opoku Boateng the Managing consultant. Goldablue was the organization that was responsible for the questions for the quiz. for the promotion and publication.

Those involvement in the program were Ms. Wendy Aryeh Johnson, the Quiz Mistress, Mr. Dallas Ampofo, former Organizer of the Leo club Legon Chapter and Ms. Grace Tsotso Quaye an executive member.

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The author and photographer of this story is Ms. Grace Tsotso Quaye, a student journalist at Ghana Institute of journalism. The reason for publishing this story is to spread the word about educational conditions on the local level. Since this is a website for local news and community development in the rural area of Ghana, it fits the scope of

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