The roofing of Wayamba RC Primary school in the Sagnarigu district in the northern regional capital was recently ripped off by a heavy rainstorm. The strong winds that accompanied the rain, which lasted for almost two hours, ripped of the roofing sheets of the school building and head teacher’s office, thereby exposing textbooks, exercise books and accessories as well as other vital documents to the rain. The school, which has been in existence for several years, is yet to boast of a staff common room, school structure, and as a result teachers have to teach on the corridor. 

During a visit to the school by the Ambassador for Communitywatchdoggh in Tamale, Peter Atesiuk, pupils were found studying under a big tree, others parked in one class and student learning on the floor, making teaching and learning difficult. 

Missing schoolboards

Headmistress of the affected school, Joanna Afoko said although the disaster has affected their activities, she is putting things in place to enable the students write their end of third term exams. She said teaching and learning has become extremely challenging, because now classes are being conducted under a tree and more students parked in one class. Furthermore, teachers do not have schoolboards to write on and sometimes have to resort to writing on sheets of paper for the pupils to read, copy and pass on.  

Distraction under trees

According to her, the tree under which the pupils are currently studying is not conducive because the pupil’s attention is always distracted anytime a vehicle, motorbike or an individual passed by.  She said the situation also leaves the students to go home when the sun is hot or when rain start to drop. The assemblyman for the area, Hon. Musah Suale bemoaned that siting under the tress is very dangerous for the children. He said the trees are not safe for the students when there are winds and question the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) to come in and support. 

Support for roofing structure

Several Yakubu Wumbei class 4 students called for the immediate rehabilitation of the damaged buildings and property, which could hamper teaching and learning activities in the school. The headmistress and assemblyman reported the problem to the Municipal Education Directorate are waiting for immediate reactions. She made an appeal to the government, corporate entities and philanthropists to assist the community roofs the structure to replace the dilapidated school and appealed to the Assembly, Parent/ Teacher Association and Municipal Education Directorate to help rehabilitate the school blocks. According to her the rehabilitation must be done to enable them return to their respective classrooms. 

Civil Society supports appeal for help

NORFRED, an NGO into education, visited the school. The situation greatly disturbed the visiting team. The team finds the case has been reported to the right authority, which is yet to get back to them. NORFRED thanks the Assembly man for his tireless efforts in this regard. They said their visit  vividly showed that these students are in great need and thus supports the appeal of the headmistress and Assembly to government, NGO’s and individuals to come to the aid of these vulnerable children.  

Story by Tamale Communitywatchdoggh.com ambassador Peter Atesiuk. The reason for publishing this story is to inform readers about the school conditions on the local level. Since this is a website for local news and community development in the rural area of Ghana, it fits the scope of communitywatchdoggh.com.

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