Travelling on roads in Krachi Nchumburu District in the Oti Region has become a nightmare as the raining season has set in. Residents in Zongo macheri, Magemagi , Nandi, and other communities in the district are complaining over bad roads in their communities. According to the residents, the bad roads are impeding economic activities in the communities. They say cars and motor-king hardly come to their communities compelling them to walk long distances to their destinations. According to them, when there are complications with pregnancies the expectant mothers have to be carried on motor bikes to the hospitals. 

Damaged car

A driver who is also a resident in one of towns Ibrahim Aziz said the roads have damaged his car, forcing him to stay out of business. He said women, children and the elderly are the most affected. He said the situation is so bad that it has become a painful experience for pregnant women to travel the roads to hospitals for antenatal care or to give birth.  

Access to health care

An old lady told Communitywatchdoggh news that, the road is not good while their health facilities are not working well. She said the bigger hospital in the local community is not close by which is not helping them. She added that they have to walk a long distance to get access to the hospital. 

Road with water dug out and motorbike in Oti region

Poor road network

A yam farmer in the community Baba Zak said they are appealing to the government as soon as possible ensure the roads linking to various farming communities are been constructed.  He said for the past two decades major roads around the area have been a challenge to them, perhaps majority of the country’s farm products comes from these poor communities but yet they are suffering. He concludes by saying during the raining season their children finds it very difficult to even to go school due to the poor road network. 

Fear for diseases

A student in the area Mohammed Amina said they are struggling to cope with the situation as they fear they may contract diseases from the poor road network. She mentions that they have to wake up as early as 5:00am prepare and walk about 2 to 3 kilometres to their school. She added that this will not help them to realised their dream. “This is hard for me. sometimes you’ll not even feel like going to school again after raining. Our shoes normally collect water and is not good for us’’. 

Water road

Governmental aid wanted

The Assemblyman for Zongo macheri Mark Takase in an interview with Communitywatchdoggh news said the situation has become unbearable for the people, urging for urgent action from authorities to avoid calamity. According to the DCE, the roads are really bad and is nothing to write home about. The people are finding it difficult to use the roads and pregnant women sometimes lose their pregnancies due to the deplorable nature of the road, Augustine Appiah admitted. He said he is hopeful that government will do something urgent about the situation. 

The author of this story is Mark Sandow, leading community journalist at Communitywatchdoggh.com. Photographer Collins Anenbo. The reason for publishing this story is to inform readers about the road conditions on the local level. Since this is a website for local news and community development in the rural area of Ghana, it fits the scope of communitywatchdoggh.com.

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