Rising Readers Foundation supports basic school kids with reading and writing tutorials and materials to help these kids in the basic schools, especially those in rural areas. RRF is a new philanthropic body of young people based in the Central University in Accra who share a common background of difficulty at one point in their academic upbringing. These are young people, who at some level showed reading and comprehension difficulties which was as a result of financial challenges (poverty), lack of dedicated mentors or teachers who would not just give up on them like anyone else in their inabilities to read and write confidently.

Right to be educated

At Rising Readers Foundation, they are firm on the fact that every child has their right to be educated. Yet, they find out that there are numerous kids of school going age who are still faceless when education is mentioned, mostly due to poverty. That is why they identify these children and help enrol them into schools with learning materials. They keep our ears out for rural communities that are lacking in the education area and they provide our services as possible as they can.

Image of primary school in a rural area named Otenkope in Ghana called Pupils of Aggressive Academy
Expedition: Schoolboard of primary school in Otenkope

Expedition to primary school

They had an expedition to a primary school in a rural area named Otenkope called Pupils of Aggressive Academy where they donated educational materials especially reading books to the students and some classroom items for convenient learning. Currently their foundation is locating institutions deprived of basic school amenities and providing them with some logistics. The visit to Pupils of aggressive Academy in Otenkope to donate textbooks of all subjects for the primary classes and also provided chalks, dusters is just a beginning of our plans. Our goal is to impact lives beyond one, therefore their gratitude after the donation, coupled with the smiles of the pupils they supported with the items gave them a sense of joy that at least those lives have been impacted positively.

Education in local communities

The presence of a school structure in such a community is a plus, yet the quality education goes beyond the presence of the school, therefore there is more to be done in these communities. There are common challenges they noticed in this and other rural communities in the area of education. Some of these challenges include the absence of enough professionals (teachers) in these rural areas, inadequate logistics for the teaching and learning in the schools in such communities, poverty in such areas hinder parents from providing the necessary materials for their wards, among others which are community specific. One thing is certainly not enough to solve the challenges these communities face. To them, the solution is when everybody else does his work well. From government bodies to institution heads, local authorities, to teachers down to the parents of these pupils. There is the need to make sure as government authorities to reach out and extend the policies and initiatives to these deprived communities.  

Image of Students in primary school of Otenkope in Ghana
Students in primary school of Otenkope

Cooperation for effective support

Rising Readers Foundation is a private owned entity and operations have just begun, and as such all activities are done solely by the foundation and its members. But they are open for collaborations with education services, organisations, government and educational institutions necessary to achieve their goals. They are willing to work with the authorities and stakeholders in schools and communities to effectively support the identified pupils who would need these tutorials.

Put smiles on children’s faces

Impacting lives and serving people through charity work is a real blessing. Working with particular caliber of people has made all of them realise what is most important in life. To serve others they must all avail ourselves to their conditions and stories about their live and this has had great impact on all of them. Loyalty, integrity, selflessness and virtues is what guides them in what they do. The foundation leaders are ready to do their best to put smiles on children’s faces through education and bring change to how rural dwellers perceive education among children. Working in these rural communities first open our eyes to the very critical issues around education that may not be in the mainstream for remedy, and our work in these communities come with an inner zeal to create the change they want to see  in these rural areas.

Communitywatchdoggh is reaching out to NGOs in Ghana to share their work, mission and vision on our platform. We are eager to know what organisations are working on what issues and why, since this is a noteworthy sector in the country and thus having serious impact in rural areas. By doing so, we create an image of the philanthropic input to local communities in Ghana. Feel like sharing your story too? Contact us!

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